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New York Starts New Year With Tragic Accident The Leaves 3 Seriously Injured

October 12, 2016

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A speeding luxury car collided head-on with a Brooklyn bus in a crash on Jan. 7 that left three people in critical condition and 22 more
injured, local media reported.
Bloodied, visibly injured passengers were taken from the B46 Limited bus and rushed to local hospitals after the 4pm collision on Utica Avenue near Clarendon Road in East Flatbush, reports said.
The black BMW was barreling southbound on Utica and first crashed into a Nissan Maxima, which was backing out of the parking lot of Green Acre Farms grocery store, the New York Post reported.
The impact sent the high-end car head-on into the B46 as it headed northbound on Utica, according to the report.
“It was terrible. The two cars were to blame. One woman pulled out of the parking lot and got hit by the other car,” Muhammad Abdulbasit, who works at the grocery store and saw the crash happen, the New York Post.
“It was so quick. The bus driver did nothing wrong. After the crash, I saw people on the bus with blood all over them,” he added.
Nineteen bus passengers — including the bus driver, who was taken away on a stretcher — had minor injuries, officials were quoted in the report as saying.
It is unclear how many passengers where on the bus at the time of the crash.
The collision left the windshield of the bus badly cracked. The mangled BMW was wedged underneath the driver’s side, according to the report.
Three people suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries and three others, who were riding in the BMW and Nissan, were critically hurt, the Post said.
Police are investigating but the driver of BMW is expected to be charged, police sources said in the Post report.
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